Our Vehicles (Eco-Friendly)

Abacus provides a friendly and reliable service at a competitive rate. From airport transfers, long distance, minibus or simply a run to the shop and back, Abacus is dedicated to providing the best possible service.

Diverse fleet

Getting around town is made quick and easy by Abacus and Falmouth Taxis. Whether getting to that all important business meeting, your favourite restaurant or the next shopping spree in comfort.

Online bookings

Book your Abacus Taxi online with our online booking form. Your online booking is sent straight to our office, where we can locate you and dispatch a vehicle to your position

Going Green

With our constant contributions to the world, we boast the most eco-friendly transport available anywhere in Cornwall.

What do we offer?

 Abacus Taxis have a specially selected choice of vehicles in our fully owned fleet ranging from our Eco-Friendly Prius and the multifunctional 8 Seater Ford Tourneo with space for up to 8 passengers and their suitcases.

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